• Graham Eason

A day of whisky & classic cars

Combining classic cars and Scotland's finest export might not, on the face of it, seem like a perfect combination. But for our sister company Great Escape Cars it worked surprisingly well.

In June 2018 Great Escape organised an driving experience for 140 people from Edinburgh to Crieff. 40 cars were delivered to Cramond, on the outskirts of the capital.

Large events like this carry a huge risk for Great Escape Cars so the cars need to be safe and reliable before they arrive on site. This is our job.

Classic Fixers checked, prepped and safety checked all of the cars to ensure there would be no disruptions on the day. Around half of the cars were supplied by Great Escape Cars, the rest sourced in from 3rd party suppliers. While we know the Great Escape cars well, the other cars required extra work to check over and address any issues.

As a result, 40 cars left Cramond on time and arrived, 3 hours later, in Crieff. Every car and all on time. With no issues on the way.

Here's the story...

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