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Book Your Pre-MOT Check Now

Our new Pre-MOT Check gives classic car owners a chance to assess the condition of their cars without undergoing a formal MOT test, failing which would shows on the car's history.

The Check, which costs just £50 including VAT, is a thorough ramp-based assessment of your car covering the main areas of the MOT test. We introduced it to help owners whose cars are MOT exempt to monitor and maintain the the roadworthiness of their cars. But it's also available to owners whose cars still need a MOT, enabling them to act on repair areas without recording a 'Fail' on the car's service history.

The Check is based on our experience running the Great Driving Days high mileage classic hire fleet. Those cars are independently MOT tested but, due to their high mileage, we ramp check them every month. We use the same procedure to undertake the Check on customer cars. It's thorough, practical and based on the real world. We're not looking for work, we just want you to be safe.

If your car requires work to remain roadworthy and pass a MOT, we'll deduct the cost of the Check from any work we do. We'll even collect free of charge within a 10 mile radius of our Redditch base. Further afield we just ask that you cover the cost of fuel.

All classic cars over 40 years old and registered as 'Historic Vehicles' are exempt from the annual MOT. This step was introduced by the Government to help MOT test stations manage the widening range of cars they were testing. However, it is not a licence to drive your car on the road regardless of condition. As the owner you remain liable for the roadworthiness of your car: so if you drive it without a MOT-type assessment you risk being liable in the event of the car being pulled over by the police and checked or if you have an accident.

Since owners remain liable for the roadworthiness of their cars, we strongly recommend that even MOT exempt cars undergo an independent inspection to assess their condition. Self-assessment, even if you are a competent mechanic, does not provide the paper trail that you may need if the car is involved in an accident or stopped by the police.

You can book your Pre-MOT Check by calling 01527 893733 or email info@fixclassiccars.co.uk.

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