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Jaguar XJS Restoration

The Jaguar XJS split opinions when it was new and now, 35 years later, the Marmite flavour still lingers. To some it is a superlative GT car, with power and waftability in spades. To others it's a badly built Jaguar that isn't an E Type.

All of which is a shame because, bought wisely, a good XJS is a great classic car that can even be pressed into daily duties. Here's the story of how we brought the Great Driving Days Jaguar XJS V12 back to life for £1,750 including VAT.

A Hard Working Hire Car

Great Driving Days bought this 1988 XJS in 2013, back when sellers could hardly give the cars away. It cost £1,200 and had a MOT, but the previous owner had only part-finished repair work so it needed painting. We finished the work and the car was pushed into service with the firm's hire customers.

Back in 2013 not many people actually wanted to drive a XJS because the car's reputation for 'not being an E Type' was still firmly entrenched. But that gradually changed over the intervening 7 years and demand for the car increased dramatically. So much so that it was covering 10,000 miles a year. By the end of 2019 the 59,000 miles it had covered in 25 years up to 2013 had jumped to 99,000.

And the bodywork was beginning to show the signs of all this use. The doors had picked up a few dings, the panels had minor scratches and the arches and sill ends were bubbling with localised rust. The metalwork beneath each side windows was also beginning to rot. All of these area common rot spots on the XJS.

We Get To Work

It would have been tempting to leave the rust and let it become more pronounced before acting. But that's the way big bills lie. Once bodywork begins to go, it will go quickly, spreading across a larger area and increasing the eventual repair cost considerably.

We've put together this film to show the work we did and how we approached it.

Jaguar XJS Buyers Guide

If you are umming and aahing about buying a Jaguar XJS, now is a good time to dive in. There are plenty of cars about and prices are only just beginning to rise. You can read our Jaguar XJS Buyers Guide here. If you're looking to buy a Jaguar XJS and want some advice or if you've got one and want some work done, feel free to call or email us for a chat - 01527 893733 or info@fixclassiccars.co.uk.

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