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Resurrecting The Executive Tank

There was a time - it may be hard to believe now - when Mercedes spent more time engineering their cars than dreaming up things like Emotion Start (that's where you press a button to make the exhaust sounds burblier).

In the 1980s the epitome of that engineering-led ethos was the W123 saloon and its C123 coupe sibling. You can read more about why we love these cars here. Beneath their boxy, under-designed skins lay the combined know-how of time-served car people who wanted to build cars that lasted.

And they did, except those German boffins didn't quite reckon with British weather and our fascination with chucking salt on our roads. While the W123 withstood this corrosion assault better than most of its peers, it still suffered.

This lovely Cyprus Green C123 coupe has been in one family since new and came to us wearing signs of much use and enjoyment. The bodywork had deteriorated badly in common areas for these cars - the front and rear wheelarches and the bottoms of the doors.

Our work has involved fitting two new rear inner and outer arches, repairing the rot on the doors and sourcing and fitting two new front wings. Sadly the replacement parts from Mercedes reflect current rather than contemporary fit and finish for this beautiful car, which has involved extra work to rework them to fit correctly. But that's part of what we do.

Here's the latest updates on the Mercedes project.

Update Part 1

Update Part 2

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