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Rubber Bumper MGB GT Project

The rubber bumper MGB GT may not appear at first glance to be a perfect candidate for a full restoration, since values have been historically low, but that is all changing. Rising values, largely driven by changing attitudes to the impact bumper style and the far better quality of these later cars, means that full renovation of a late BGT is now a realistic proposition.

We took on the restoration of this rubber bumper BGT in October 2016 after it had sat in the owner's garage for several years.  The car had been dismantled apart from the running gear, and some welding work had already been undertaken.

Our first step was to inspect the car on site and then bring it to our workshop for full assessment.  We provide the assessment and collection service free of charge, using our staff and low loaders. This makes life considerably easier for customers, saving them the hassle of trying to get restoration projects to us.

This BGT was structurally solid but in poor condition, mainly due to bad historic repairs.  Where new panels had been fitted or filled the shut lines and panel alignment was badly out. Rectifying these faults unfortunately added considerably to the job.  Luckily the car had good floors and generally good doors and boot panels.

While BGT prices are on the rise, we were concerned to help the customer keep the total cost down to a reasonable level. So the customer sourced all of the panels, avoiding our costs for doing this, and we quoted a fixed price for the repairs and repaint based on extending the restoration time so that we could fit the car around other work.  This arrangement worked well for both of us.

The Work

To get the MGB to a standard suitable for painting, we identified the following work:

  • Repair bottom of both front wings with replacement panels

  • Grind out filler from o/s/r quarter panel and repair

  • Fit new n/s/r rear wing to ensure correct match rear wing match and correct sightlines across car

  • Rectify driver's door fit by removing and refitting surrounding panels and outer sill

  • Replace bonnet

  • Prepare car for paint and respray

We provide an estimate of 200 hrs for the work.  Our aim with each project is always to provide a fixed or very accurate guide price to avoid surprises for the customer later.  This was one of my key bugbears when using outside suppliers to repair my cars. 

The Film

The Step by Step Process

Repair work begins to the n/s/r rear wing, which was badly aligned. New lower wing panel fitted

Panel alignment on the driver's door was very poor due to bad previous repairs. We removed these repairs, fitted new panels and cill and were able to realign the door

New front wing repair panel fitted ahead of realigning the door

O/s/f wing repair panel fitted due to poor previous repair

New passenger door skin being aligned with front wing. Repairs to rear wing

New front valance

n/s/f wing repair panel fitted following significant work to rectify poor panel fit to sill

Near side front and rear lower wings and outer sill fitted

n/s/r repair panel fitted and correct sightlines restored

Working on the alignment of the passenger door

Car being rubbed down ready for priming

Bodywork being rubbed down ready for paint

Light application of filler to smooth out repairs

Completing pre-paint preparation

Panels before rubbing down for paint


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