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We Bought A Ford Capri

Alongside repairing customer cars and maintaining the Great Driving Days hire fleet we also work on our own side projects. Which is how we came to buy a Ford Capri.

Our own projects either end up becoming our own weekend toys or new additions to the Great Driving Days fleet. Or we, occasionally, sell them. We're not quite decided yet on the fate of the Capri.

As a general rule, project cars don't make mch economic sense. You'll usually spend more sorting them out than they're eventually worth. So why do it?

Well, we love a challenge. We can fit them in around other work in the workshop. And we can create a car that is exactly as we want it.

This Capri, however, is a little different. Capri values have skyrocketed in recent years, catapulting the best well into five figures and the creme de la creme final 280 Brooklands models past £20,000. So restoring one that is fairly solid does make some sense.

A Special Car

The car we've bought is a 1986 2.8 Injection Special, the one with the lovely Cologne V6, five speed gearbox and Limited Slip Differential. Although it's slipped through the hands of 15 different owners in its 34 years, it had been laid up off the road and outside since 2004 when we bought it in February 2020.

Normally a car left to the elements for the better part of two decades would be holier than the Pope's Christmas party. But this car, remarkably, had survived the seasons very well. It helped that the car was on bricks, so air could circulate well, and it hadn't been covered, which usually traps moisture.

What We've Got

The car is complete except for the bumper end cars and the fuel injection system, both of which seem to have been cannibalised for another Capri that the owner had. The floors are solid throughout, likewise the sills, but the front wings will need replaced. One of the rear arches has also been partly removed, probably due to rot, so that will also need repaired.

Snce the fuel injection system is missing one option could be to switch the car to carburettors. However, since the main selling point of a Capri 2.8 Injection is that fundamental fuel injection system, we'll source and fit the correct set up.

With the bodywork and engine items sorted the main job is a full respray. The paintwork has faded and cracked in place, so is in serious need of a high quality respray.

We'll do all the work in-house. We haven't set ourselves a timescale yet but we'll keep you updated here.


Graham Eason, Classic Fixers, 01527 893733

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