The E Type is part of a long line of brilliant Jaguar sports cars.  With our exclusive E Type Evolution Road Trip you can spend a full day enjoying this great history, from 1950s XK150 convertible right up to the modern XKR supercharged convertible. 

The E Type Evolution Road Trip gives you a full day drive through the Cotswolds in five great sporting Jaguars, including XK150, XKR, XJS and a choice of three E Types.  You'll drive 5 of these cars, spending around an hour in each one.  

The route runs through the Cotswolds, one of the UK's most popular weekend getaway destinations.  The full day road trip gets you away from the crowds to explore scenic spots away from the tourists.  And all behind the wheel of three iconic classic cars. 

This full day tour is a 7 hour circuit of the Cotswolds connecting some great places that tourists usually miss.  So you get great scenery and quiet roads. 

You spend around an hour in each E Type. The experience runs from 8.30am to 4pm and includes lunch.  

Driver places are available on the tour for £299.  This is based on two drivers sharing a car - you can bring a non-driving passenger for £120 and you won't have to share the driving. The prices include insurance, fuel and refreshments. 

E Type Evolution - Full Day Tour

  • The E Type Evolution Experience is run on specific dates during the year.  


    Saturday July 27th
    Tuesday August 27th
    Tuesday September 24th